By Astangu

Digital solutions can be very effective in teaching people with disabilities and engaging them, as long as we know the best ways to use it.

That is why Astangu Vocational Rehabilitation Centre has decided to up their technology knowledge by participating in a new program called Digital Accelerator.

Digital accelerator (DigiKiirendi) is a program for the whole personnel of a school, meant to keep up with fast-paced technology and how to use it in our advantage. This program will also help to raise confidence of using digital means while teaching and working with students.

Every worker in Astangu has to complete a 30 hour training program that has been put together with the consideration of work specifics and needs of Astangu. Program will help to develop new ways of teaching and learn teaching methodologies that will help teachers and specialists in their daily work, while providing an engaging method of learning for students with disabilities.

Digital accelerator (DigiKiirendi) will work with most schools in Estonia. They will not only teach the teachers, but everyone included in that school on how to work better with digital world and use it in their advantage. During the second half of 2022, six schools, including Astangu will partake in the program. The program itself consists of 32 academical hours, with the possibility to choose basic knowledge in the digital world or more specific topics for those, who know the basics. For example, learning how to work with different programs, websites, how to make and cut videos, how to do online crosswords and puzzles for students and many more engaging topics. School management will also participate in those to learn how to better support their staff and students in making steps towards better technological means.

Schools and institutions are constantly moving on a path of digitalization. It is very clear that projects like Work@ble are very necessary, as it will help people with special needs keep up with the digital world and make the means of technology more accessible to them. The game Work@ble project  has created will not only be a great tool for job coaches, but will also be a valuable part in digitalization progress that the world is going through.

«Little Miss Geek Wearable Tech Event» by LadyGeekTV is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0